3 Ways on How to Claim Sickness Benefits

It doesn’t matter whether your employee is ready to pay you out or not, if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury, you can still claim sickness benefit right from your first day of illness. Sickness benefit helps insured persons with financial support in case they are sick and out of work. However, you are required to ask your employer what arrangements have been put in place when claiming sickness benefit. Below are three ways on how you can claim sickness benefits.

First step-Applying sick leave
This is the very first step involved when claiming sickness benefit. Ensure that you have filled out the sick leave form before submitting it to the person that disburses sick pay. Your employer is supposed to pay for the first sixteen days. If you are ill longer than that, you are likely to be paid sickness benefit. On some cases, you may receive an advance payment by your employer. However, it is good to always check with your employer what applies in your workplace. There is a part you are supposed to leave to be filled by your employer.

Second step-Document submission
You are not allowed to receive sickness benefit until your employer has filled out the leave. Remember, your employer also fills out fixed deductions from your salary. He/she will then submit it the report digitally for review. Upon which you can go to the next step.

Third step-Payments
After the organization has reviewed your application form and your income information, they grant your application. You will then be given payment dates and tax withholding.

Using the above 3 steps, you will be able to access the sickness benefits to help you cater to your basic and medical needs away from the work environment. However, note that the process in some cases may belong.